AfterDAC is an optional after-meeting activity, where you can join DAC as we head over to a nearby restaurant or food establishment, providing you with an excellent opportunity to get to know the rest of DAC a little better, or just to grab something to eat with a group of people! AfterDAC doesn’t have a set time it ends at, though people usually head home around midnight.

Week 1 (1/11): Davis’s Pinata Mexican Grill / Taqueria la Pinata

Week 2 (1/18): Dot Island Grill

Week 3 (1/25): Open Rice Kitchen

Week 4 (2/1): In-n-Out

Week 5 (2/8): El Burrito

Week 6 (2/15): Old Teahouse

Week 7 (2/22): E Street

Week 8 (3/1): El Burrito

Week 9 (3/8): In-n-Out

Week 10 (3/15): WingStop