Feeling alone? Want to make new friends? Are you interested in making the most out of your first year in DAC?
Well if this is your first year at DAC, then sign up to be a Kouhai!
We’ll personally read the information you give us, and carefully match you up with a Senpai, a DAC veteran who will be more than willing to show you around and help you establish a connection with the rest of DAC!
This includes introducing kouhais to other DAC members, teaching kouhais about what DAC regularly does, and participating in Senpai-Kouhai Challenges together.

If you’ve been with DAC for a while, and you want a few Kouhai to watch over and nurture, sign up to be a Senpai! We’ll find a few Kouhai for you to take care of. We need your help to ensure that everyone who wants to become a part of the DAC community can find a place where they belong!

To help you get to know each other, we’ll be occasionally holding various events and activities for you to do with your Senpai or Kouhais, so that you can get to know each other, and the rest of DAC, that much better!

One example would be the SK challenges, which are weekly activities that the SK groups can do to achieve points in DAChievements for awards!

New members will have the option to join the SK program when they buy membership. Older members can apply to be senpais online at the following link:

Senpai Application (For DAC Veterans)

If you didn’t sign up to be a kouhai when signing for membership, and want to do so now, then the link is here:

Kouhai Application (For New Members)

Other than that, we hope everyone has an amazing year at DAC!!!