Upcoming Events

12/1/18- DAC Video Game Night: 3-5pm @ UC Davis Games Area ( bowling+ tabletop, card , video games ). Come join us at UCD Games Area of gaming at the MU. For bowling equipment and pool table/ other games for rent = $.  Feel free to bring your own video, card and board games!

12/8/18- End of Quarter Sushi: 12-2pm @ Fuji Sushi and Buffet on 213 G St.
  It’s all you can eat and roughly $20 per person so bring cash. Join us for some noms and a break from the chaos of finals week.


Past Events

  • Welcome Week:
    • Silent voice
    • 3 themed anime viewings ( trigger, comedy, action )
    • BBQ @ Octave Apartments
  • Karaoke
  • Crunchyroll Office Tour
  • Downtown Davis Kobe Mini Mart / Farmers Market
  • Halloween Movie (Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack)
  • Anime Destiny @ UC Berkeley, hosted by CAA
  • DAnCsGiving
  • Kobe Mini Mart