Davis Anime Club holds events outside of regular club meetings, hoping that you might enjoy yet another way to interact with the rest of DAC, while partaking in various activities that make DAC more than just a simple viewing club.

This Week’s Event

No more events for the quarter. Have a great winter break!

Past Events

10/14 – Karaoke Night

Saturday 7:15 pm – 12:00 am [Rurulala]

Come to karaoke with us and sing your heart out to your favorite anime songs as well as the usual karaoke songs! We will meet at the MU starting at 7:15 pm and leaving at 7:30 pm, and return to Davis around 12:30 am. It’ll be about $4 per hour and we’ll be there from 8 pm -12 am. The karaoke place is in Sacramento, so please bring a few dollars to pay your drivers for gas. And please RSVP on the FB event as it’ll help with arranging rides!

10/20 –  Game Night

Friday 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm [Giedt 1006/1007]

Come and play video games, card games, tabletop games or just hang out and socialize. Feel free to bring games of your own!

10/21 –  A Silent Voice

Saturday 11:00 am [The Tower Theatre]

Join DAC in watching “A Silent Voice,” aka “Koe no Katachi,” at the Tower movie theatre in Sacramento! Tickets are $15. You can buy tickets online now or at the theatre. Meet at the Memorial Union Bus Terminal at 10:15 am.

10/28 – Halloween Spooky Movie Night

Saturday 8:00 – 10:00 pm [Wellman 106]

To celebrate Halloween, we’ll be watching Akira this Saturday at Wellman! Join us for fun, sweets, and goodies.

11/4 – Skavenger Hunt

Saturday 11:00 am [Memorial Union]

Find anime related things based on riddles and clues in groups (usually in SK groups). This event is open to everyone, and you do not have to be part of the SK program to participate. Come join for fun and prizes!

11/18 –  Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

Saturday 11:00 am [The Tower Theatre]

Watch Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel in theaters with DAC! We’ll be organizing rides into Sac, and the ticket is $15 per person (plus ~$1.50 if you pre-order online). We’ll be leaving at 10:30 am from the MU bus circle. Please remember to bring gas money for your driver.

11/18 – DAnCsgiving

Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm [Putah Creek Lodge, UC Davis]

We’ll be holding a potluck for DAnCsgiving. This event is semi-formal, so please dress nicely. We will be on campus so please do not bring alcohol. Everyone is welcome as long as they bring food to share. The officers will be making turkey.
We would appreciate it if you could bring something from the category corresponding to your year:

Freshmen- Drinks and Snacks
Sophomores- Appetizers
Juniors- Desserts
Seniors and above- Entrees

12/9 – Fall Sushi

Saturday 11:00 am [Fuji Sushi Boat & Buffet]

It’s almost the end of the quarter, so take a break from studying and come join DAC for sushi! It’ll be $17 per person. (Cash preferred.) Hope to see you there!