It’s almost time for back to school and a new year with DAC! DAC has activities planned MondayFriday (9/19-9/23) for welcome week. We’re excited to see everyone come out!

Monday (9/19) – Movie Night

8-10 pm  |  Wellman 2
We’re starting off welcome week with a movie. Come join us Monday to see which movie we’ll show!


Tuesday (9/20) – Retro

8-10 pm  |  Wellman 2
Drop in on Tuesday for a night full of old school anime classics with DAC.


Wednesday (9/21) – Supernatural

8-10 pm  |  Wellman 2
Come by on Wednesday to see various mythical creatures and spirits in our supernatural anime lineup.


Thursday (9/22) – Mecha

8-10 pm  |  Wellman 2
Like giant fighting robots? Look no further as we’ll have pletty of that at DAC on mecha night on Thursday.


Friday (9/23) – Welcome BBQ

5-10 pm   La Salle apartment complex (880 Alvarado Avenue)
We’re ending off the week with a barbecue party! Come up with friends after your first days of classes for some good food and fun. RSVP on our Facebook event page.