All DAC Officers should welcome new members to the club and make sure no one is left out. Officers should attend about most anime club meetings and DAC Events, as well as all officer meetings. All officers should help screen anime for club and participate in making sure DAC’s anime line-up is as good as we can make it every quarter. All officers are also expected to provide input and feedback for the other officers and help out the other officers when they need assistance. Above all, officers should be committed to making DAC a great experience for all its members!

Officer Positions


The President of DAC decides direction of club and delegates jobs to officers that fall under them. They also run officer meetings, run DAC meetings along with administration, and work with administration of school whenever necessary. They are the face of club in all public regards and they fill in for anything other officers can’t do/when other officers mess up. They arbitrate all disputes between officers and have the final say on such disagreements. Their job is also to generate new ideas for club, set goals for club, review officer performance, and direct officers on how to improve their jobs.

VP of Admin

VP of Admin’s primary job is ensuring meetings run smoothly. This includes bringing the anime; bringing the items needed for meetings such as raffle tickets, shirts, DAC packs, DACtivity supplies, and whatever else may be necessary for the meeting; and planning and running the DACtivities. As a large part of the job is bringing stuff to club, it is highly recommended that you have access to a car, whether it be your own or because you carpool with someone who does. You should plan on rarely missing meetings, and, if missing a meeting is necessary, only to do so with communication with the other officers. The VP of Admin not showing up without notice is the quickest way to ruin a meeting!

The VP of Admin is also the second in command of DAC, so the President may delegate some of their own tasks to you, and, in the president’s absence, you will be the leader for that meeting. Be prepared to act as the president, as at some point it over the year it is likely you will be needed to cover for them. The VP of Admin also hires and communicates directly with the screeners, and sets up and manages the anime selection meetings before the beginning of every quarter.

VP of Events

The VP of Events plans and runs all DAC events. They create the list of events each quarter and as well as write-ups which list details about the event and the event schedule (including summer events). They work with the other officers to keep events organized and fun! They also create event pages on Facebook, are typically in charge of photos, and need to call to make reservations for events. They work with other members to facilitate carpooling and take attendance at each event.

VP of Public Relations

The VP of PR lets people on campus know DAC exists! If they know, they might stop by, and when they stop by, they’ll learn how awesome we are. Specific responsibilities include organizing DAC packs, tabling, the making of A-Frames, flyering runs on campus, and T-Shirts. They should also strive to be aware of opportunities on campus for getting the word out. The VP of PR also works with the DAC Designers to create the Fall T-Shirt Designs, the DAC logo for the year, the Quarterly Guide, and any other DAC paraphernalia.


The Treasurer is in charge of the financial aspects of DAC, such as planning the yearly and quarterly budget for DAC’s functions (like our Sub-Clubs and events). In addition, the Treasurer is in charge of handling the initial wave of membership and t-shirt sales at the beginning of each quarter, as well as keeping a ledger organized and updated with purchases and income within DAC.


The DAC Secretary makes the weekly slideshows, takes notes at officer meetings, and takes attendance at club meetings. They hand out raffle tickets and help other officers if they’re too busy to do their normal tasks.

Retention Manager

Retention manager creates incentives for DAC members to stay in DAC, and help members to become integrated into the DAC community. More specific responsibilities include running the Senpai/Kouhai Program and pairing up Senpai/Kouhais based on information from applications. Throughout the year, the Retention Manager maintains S/K Program, incentivizes SK pairs to interact with each other, issues SK challenges every week, and organizes possible S/K events. They also run retention events and encourage member interaction in general.

Sub-Club Manager

The Sub-Club Manager facilitates communication between the Sub-Club leaders and the other officers. They work with the President to organize room reservations for Sub-Clubs and make sure that new ideas Sub-Club leaders suggest are discussed at officer meetings. They help Sub-Club leaders with setting up for meetings that require it, such as VG DAC, encourage members to go to Sub-Clubs that hold their immediate interests in sight and help members who want to set up new Sub-Clubs.

Sub-Officer Positions


Webmaster edits and maintains the DAC website to keep its information up to date using WordPress. They also create and send weekly DAC newsletters using MailChimp.


DAC screeners work under the Vice President of Administration, suggest anime to the officers that are suitable for DAC. The entire point of the screener position is to have someone who watches a lot of anime– many or most shows every season– let the officers know which shows might be good choices for club, so the officers themselves can then check them out and make final decisions during anime selection meetings.

Responsibilities include: suggesting anime to the officers throughout the quarter. The screener is required to watch as much anime as possible from every season as they come out, and have watched a lot of anime from prior seasons. DAC only really watches shows from the past few years, so a good knowledge of shows within that timeframe is helpful. Shortly before the anime selection meeting the screeners will create a recommended schedule themselves, coupled with possible alternatives, and take part in the anime selection meeting with the officers.

DAC Screeners must have knowledge of the multiple genres of Anime. They should have the ability to objectively watch shows and give a review that may not fit into their personal taste, but rather with the best interests of DAC in mind. They should be able to write summaries of shows, as well as make arguments for why or why we should not watch various shows in club.


The Designer for DAC will be directly under the VP of Public Relations, and would be responsible for the creation of posters, T-shirts, quarterly guides, and anything else DAC produces that requires a design, under the guidance of the VP of Public Relations.

Most of the work will be done over the summer (designing the T-shirts, first round of posters/quarterly guides, the DAC logo (if we want to change it) for the DAC packs, water bottles, etc, and the membership cards), so if you’re confident in your ability to design or just enjoy doing it and think you’ll have extra time over summer to help DAC, you are highly encouraged to apply.

It goes without saying, but the designer should have experience using programs such as Photoshop or Gimp, as just about all of the work has to be done digitally.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During Week 10, we plan to interview our applicants, to ask additional questions. The meeting time can be very flexible, and could possibly be done online, as well as during break between anime at DAC meetings. As part of the designer application we would like to see some of your work. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but we’d like to see that you know how to work in digital media (and yes, this will be required to be digital– we won’t allow hand-drawn submissions).

Apply Now

Applications for running for DAC Officer for 2018-19 are open! You can read about all of the officer positions above and on the form. If you have further questions about any of the positions, please feel free to ask any of the officers for more information about what they do. Being a DAC Officer is a highly rewarding experience and if you enjoy DAC and want to get involved in making it a great experience for other DAC members, we highly encourage running for a position!

Officer Application
Sub-Officer Application