DAChievements is a point based system of rewarding members for participation in DAC!
You can get a maximum of 2 points a week, for 20 points total.
If you get 10 points, you get a small prize. If you get 20, you get a big prize.

There are two ways to get points:
1: Come to anything OTHER than a regular DAC meeting. This includes events, DAC meetups, sub clubs, and focus groups.
2: Starting week 4, there will be a senpai kouhai challenge every week, something you have to do with your senpai before the week is up. Examples include getting coffee with your senpai, going to a specific place in town with your senpai, etc.

To get the points, you either need to talk to an officer there (who can verify you were there) or, if no officers are around, you can take a picture, and send it to us via email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, or instagram.

If you miss a point or two, you can make them up, but they will require you to complete specific challenges. Each will be more difficult than the last, so don’t miss too many!