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Name: Kwok-Wai Hanson

Favorite Animes: 


Vice President of Administration

Name Esha Patel

Favorite Animes Gintama, Shirobako, HunterxHunter, Nozaki, Ping Pong the Animation and way too many more ;o;

Hi, I’m Esha, the VP of Admin of the Davis Anime Club! DAC has given me some of the best experiences and friends of my life and as a VP, I hope to help other members have an equally great time! My two favorite things are probably sewing and watching anime. I also love cosplay and I currently own 52 wigs (RIP). I enjoy watching anime with friends and meeting new people, so please don’t hesitate to come talk to me!


Vice President of Public Relations

Name Melody Chang

Favorite Animes FMA Brotherhood, Hunter x Hunter, Hikaru no Go, Gundam 00 + a bunch of others that I cant list here otherwise it will take forever

Hi everyone! I will be your vice-president of public relations this year. I love watching anime of all genres, so feel free to come up to me and discuss anime! Apart from dying from my major every day I also love dancing, drawing, reading, and eating. I’m also part of a Love Live idol cosplay/dance group called Follow Your Kokoro (search us up on Facebook/Youtube for more deets, we have workshops!)


Vice President of Events

Name Joanna Kuo



Name Kristen Hartley



Name James Mizutani

Favorite Animes Death Parade, Shinsekai Yori, Space Dandy, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

James is a bipedal carbon-based life form that enjoys laughing and eliciting emotional responses from people.  He spends money with a frugality that would make Scrooge McDuck proud and alternatively with an abandon that would shock any rational human. Also kinda-sorta runs Darker Than DAC.


Retention Manager

Name Susie Chac

Favorite Animes Akatsuki no Yona, Detective Conan, Samurai Champloo, Your lie in April, Fairy Tail, Hell Girl, Kimi ni Todoke, Prince of Tennis, Attack on Titan, Bleach, and many many more that would take too long to name! \(^v^’)/

Hello everybody! ^o^ (imagine in Dad’s voice from Azumanga Daioh) I’m Susie and I manage the Senpai-Kouhai program. I love watching anime and I really love DAC as well. I enjoy pretty much all genres of anime, but I particularly enjoy shoujo or mystery anime! 😀 ❤ My main interests include making stuff, ranging from baking, perler beads, sewing, cooking, and just crafting in general! I also really like playing tennis in my free time! ^^ My favorite America TV shows are crime dramas, such as Criminal Minds (rip Thomas Gibson), NCIS, and many more! I’m super friendly, but I’m also very shy, but feel free to come up and talk to me! ^___^v I look forward to becoming friends with everyone! ❤


Sub-Club Manager

Name Maddie Son

Favorite Animes JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, The Tatami Galaxy, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Urusei Yatsura, Michiko to Hatchin, Nichijou, The Eccentric Family, One Piece

Hi everyone! I’m Maddie and this year I’ll be your sub-club manager~! I’m a pharmaceutical chem major, but outside of school my interests include drawing, craft making, baking, and cosplay. I have a wide range of anime I enjoy, but I have a particularly soft spot for retro anime. Although I may be quiet I am friendly once you get to know me, so please don’t hesitate to talk to me during club! (Also there’s a high chance I’ll bring snacks to sub-clubs. You should go to those.)



Name Elly Fan

Favorite Animes Code Geass, Fate/Zero, One Piece, Madoka Magica, Anohana, Claymore

Yo, I’m Elly. I do web stuff. Talk to me about animu, kpop, Game of Thrones, and your waifu. I’ve read more fanfiction than textbooks. Devoted my life to BTS. Part of a Love Live cosplay dance group with Melody, our VP of PR. Hit me up for the deets.